FCPX edit during playback

Previously, in a post about FCPX rendering, I wrote:

Assume that it’s revolutionary.” Increasingly, this been my motto for approaching new gear from Apple. Not that I can think of anything will ever meet this expectation. It’s purely tactical. It promotes experimenting. Pushing things. Too often in the past I have assumed a tool was limited simply because I had low expectations.

I think the video above is laugh out loud funny. It merely demonstrates Editing During Playback, or 'live editing,' but it's funny because it never occurred to any of us to try it.

I do wonder however, to what degree FCPX is optimised for live editing, considering Motion is exclusively designed for live editing, ie. making adjustments on the fly as the playback forever loops a segment of the project. Each time the segment is played back, the speed and quality improves. Motion is designed to work like this because the alternative - adjust, render/wait, view, repeat - is an enormous waste of time. Nevertheless, you have to figure out for yourself that you should approach the application in a completely non-traditional manner. The documentation won't tell you that. You have to prevent yourself from stopping playback. You never stop playback. Even if you go to lunch, you never stop playback. It's difficult to learn.

I do doubt FCPX works like Motion in this way - since Motion is designed for animating - but it's essential to learn not to go against the grain of the design, for that is the way of madness. (Using Motion wrong was excruciatingly slow.)

In any case, in the name of speed, live editing looks exciting.

Via Dan McComb.

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