There are some simple rules to making a responsive DRTV ad.

The first two are: Urgency and Need. More than you thought possible. Next you need a simple, tangible solution - simple, because it needs to be explained in about 10 seconds. And you need a ‘star’ - an innocent soul whose eyes will reach through the camera straight to the heart of the TV viewer.

We know that DRTV can represent a scary leap for many charities. We’re pleased to be able to compete on price with many larger agencies (it all counts towards the final ROI) without compromising on quality - a recent ad we produced improved on response on a previous offering by over 500%. And because there’s just the two of us, you can be in daily contact with the creative team developing your ad, without intermediaries.

If you’re wondering if DRTV is right for your organisation, we’d be happy to discuss with you and can also point you towards some fantastic partners who can help out with all aspects of planning and executing a successful campaign, from developing propositions to buying media and handling response.